Beyond Matters

Making the journey of the soul in the experience of being human easier

  • Beyond–B

    Through subtle energy processes, Beyond-B can have a direct influence on bacteria and other unwanted inhabitants of our bodies.

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  • Beyond–T

    Beyond-T continuously supports our system as well as that our four-legged friends in neutralizing harmful substances.

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  • Beyond–E

    An important companion in our modern life. Beyond-E can support our system to neutralize unwanted side-effects of modern technology.

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  • Beyond-P

    Subtle energy processes can have a direct influence on endogenous parasites and other unwanted inhabitants in the body (for animals).

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  • Balance

    These products harmonize and balance, they interrupt acquired stress patterns, making a more constructive answer to stress possible.

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  • Beyond-A

    Can help to harmonize interaction with many environmental factors, such as pollen, dust, animal hair and many more.

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  • Master

    The complementary downloads of Beyond-B, Beyond-T, Beyond-E (Beyond-P for animals) and Healthy Cell1 on a single carrier.

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About Beyond Matters

It is our desire to support you to the best of our ability on this shared journey we
call live.

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